Title: Forever (book 3 of the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy)

Author:Maggie Stiefvater

Stars – 🌟🌟🌟

Note: this review does contain SPOILERS of books 1 and 2.

Review: In the first book we met Sam and Grace. Sam turned into a wolf every winter; Grace should have turned into a wolf after being bitten, but inexplicably never did. At the end of book 1, Sam was supposedly cured and he and Grace were happily together. In book 2, Sam is still human; however, Grace is sick and becomes more and more ill as the story progresses. At the end, to keep Grace from dying, they find a way to finally make her turn wolf and Sam finds out that the same thing is in store for him in the future. In this book Grace returns to human and Sam is thrilled. However, fate is not finished throwing obstacles at them. Isabelle’s father has found a way to eradicate the wolf pack and Sam, Grace, and Cole have to find a way to save the pack.

I am giving this book 3 out of 5 stars. The reason for the low rating is the end. Without giving any SPOILERS, I felt the end was too open. Even though it is the last book in the series, the gives the impression of an ongoing story. On the plus side, it reads well, the dialog is easy to read and understand. The characters have some growth. Overall a decent read. I recommend reading this book if you have made it this far with the series.

I am recommending this book for grades 7 and up. As well as adult lovers of werewolf stories. This book is available at my local library along with books 1 and 2! Be sure to look for them at your local library!

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