Title: Awake at Dawn: a Shadow Falls novel (book 2)

Author: C.C. Hunter

Stars – 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Note: This review does contain SPOILERS for the first book.

Review: In the first book we were introduced to Kylie Galen. After her wolrd starts falling in around her, Kylie is sent to a camp for “troubled teens”. When she arrives, however, she finds that the camp is actually for young supernatural beings. Kylie then finds out that the reason she was sent to Camp Shadow Falls is that she, too, is a supernatural. After dealing with scary ghosts, two hot guys vying for her attention, and the looming question of what species of supernatural she is, Kylie feels a bit overwhelmed. In this second book, a new ghost is seeking help from Kylie and a new threat is emerging that threatens both Kylie and Shadow Falls as a whole. The ghost has an ominous message for Kylie, someone she loves is going to die unless she can figure out a way to stop it. Can she figure out what is going on in time to save a life? Will she finally figure out what type of supernatural she is?

I am giving this book 4 out of five stars. Just like the first book, Awake at Dawn is well written and has an easy flow with completely relatable characters. Kylie’s journey of self discovery is one that so many people can relate to, even though Kylie’s journey is completely immersed in the supernatural part of her life. It is not just the main character that is relatable, but all of the characters have their own struggles and delemas that parallel real life.

I was very glad to find that the love triangle is far less prominent in this book than it was in the first one. Considering that I almost gave this book a 5 star review, but what held me back is the main character’s tendency to whine and break down crying. Obviously, some break downs and crying is understandable considering the circumstances of the book; however,  it seemed to me that she was crying or having a total melt down every other page. It is my feeling that hero/heroines need to be at least a bit stronger than that.

I am recommending this book for grades 9th/10th and up. I also recommend reading this series if you love paranormal stories!

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