I have always been a very big fan of Harry Potter, the books as well as the movies. Needless to say I am very excited about Google’s latest announcement!

Attention Harry Potter fans who use Android! You can now use certain spells from the Harry Potter universe to control a few of your device’s functions.

Here is a list of the spells and corresponding functions currently available.

  • Lumos – used to turn your device’s flashlight on.*
  • Nox – used to turn off your device’s flashlight.*
  • Silencio – used to silence your device’s ringer or notifications

    *The flashlight features seem to only work for built-in flashlights and not downloaded apps.

    To activate these features simply click on the little microphone icon or say “OK Google” and then speak the appropriate “spell”. It couldn’t be easier!

    For more information, check out Google’s original blog post.