​Title – This is Where it Ends

Author –  Marieke Nijkamp

Stars – 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Review: This is the story of a school shooting, as told from the unique perspectives of four different students. Throughout this book, the reader is taken from the precious few moments before anyone knows there is a problem all of the way to the situations eventual heartbreaking outcome.

In my opinion, this is a very enthralling and gripping story. It gives an incredibly detailed depiction of the emotional turmoil that arises from situations of this nature. I very much enjoyed reading this book! It took a few pages to be reeled into the story, but once I was caught, I couldn’t stop reading until the very last page!

My biggest (only) problem with the book is that even though it is told from four different perspectives, it feels like the same voice throughout. At times it is easy to forget when the perspective has changed.

Overall, I give this book four out of five stars; it is a quick and easy read, the story moves along at a good pace and is easy to follow. The highs and lows are breathtaking and gut wrenching. If you don’t mind an emotional rollercoaster, this is a good book!

I highly recommend this book for grades 8 – 12 as well as adults. Particularly, anyone who does or is considering working with children, especially in a school setting.

This book is available to be checked out from my local library, Summers County Library, be sure to check your local library!

For more information about this book or its author, click here.

Happy reading!!