Title: Martha’s Horrible Monday

Author: Kristina Ferguson

Stars: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

*Disclosure: I have a direct link to this author and book. The author is my BFF and I acted in capacity as Editor for the book.

Summery: In the first book of Kristina Ferguson’s Martha series, the main character Martha awakes to what she thinks is going to be a wonderful day. Unfortunately, as the day goes on, everything goes from bad to worse as Martha endures a series of unfortunate mishaps. One thing after another continues to throw itself at Martha until she feels that she can no longer take it and retreats to her comfy home. Only, the problems continue to follow her.

Right when Martha is at her lowest, her best friend Clara shows up. Clara proves to Martha that sometimes, all you need is a good friend to be there for you. With Clara by her side, Martha feels she can face anything.

Review: It is my (possibly biased) opinion, that this is a fantastic book for young readers. It tells a great story about how, even on your worst day, a good friend, especially a best friend can turn everything around. It is also a very relatable story for the young as well as adults. We’ve all had those days when absolutely nothing goes the way we want it to. 

This book is available at Summers County Library where you may just run into the author herself!

If you would like to know more about Ms Ferguson or this book, click here.