Title: The Wild Wood (book 1 of the Sevens series)

Author: Julie Anne Nelson

Stars – 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Synopsis: Cecily Daye is different, has been since the day she was born. She and six other girls, were born on the same day at the exact same time. This small fact alone has made the seven girls something to be feared and hated in their small, backward town.The town leader, Pastor Rowe, has declared the the girls are evil beings, especially Cecily. After turning seventeen everything starts on a downhill slide and eventually the girls are forced to flee into the fearsom Wild Wood where creatures lurk. Little did they know, that entering the Wild Wood was only the beginning of their journey.

Review: I am giving this book a solid 4 out of 5 stars! The story captured me from the very beginning. The fear and hate bred in the small community of Dunlowe is perfectly described, particularly as the fear grows without much rhyme or reason. The characters are varied and well defined. The story moves at an excellent pace.

My only problem with this book is the love triangle. This has been an issue for me with many books over the years, so this is far from new. However, this did not in any way deter my enjoyment of this book! While the love triangle was present through a good portion of the book, it was not overly prominent. Nor was it overbearing to the other points of the story. 

Bottom line? Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and can not wait to read more of this series!

I am recommending this book for readers 7th grade and up. I highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys reading paranormal stories, stories about bullying, prejudice, bigotry, or a land divided.

For more information about The Sevens series or author Julie Anne Nelson, go here.