I went to the post office this morning and found not one, but two awesome book(ish) surprises! I was doing a happy dance all the way home! So, of course I just have to share my awesome haul before I explode!

First up!

An advance copy of King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard!!!!!!

Be sure to look for my review, coming soon!!! 😁😁😁😘📘📗📙📕📓📚📒

#FreeMare #ScarletGuard #ScarletGuardOperative #RiseRedastheDawn
Next, is an amazing print of my initial in Dragon font from ZooLN Art!!

Isn’t it gorgeous?!?!

#ZooLNArt #DragonLetter #DragonArt

Have you gotten anything bookish in the mail lately?? If so, hit up the comments, I would love to hear about it!!

As always, happy reading!!