Truly amazing friends are incredibly difficult to find! That is why, even when one of you moves away, you stay in touch any way you can. My group of friends and I are all readers (how lucky am I???) and we recently decided to start our own long distance book club as a way to not only stay in touch, but also to feed our love of books! Some of us live within twenty minutes of each other, some live a few hours away, and others live clear across the country! What better way to stay connected than books??

The best part is, thanks to today’s technology, it couldn’t be easier to have a long distance book club. We created a group chat, discussed possible titles and BAM, instant book club! The chat gives us a place to discuss our current book, update each other on how much we have read, complain about all of the things that kept us from reading that day, or whatever comes up.

Have you ever considered starting something like this with your friends? If so, here are a few ideas that will hopefully help you get started.


  • Create a group chat
  • Create a secret Facebook group where you can post pics, start convos, or whatever.
  • Alternate who chooses the book
  • Decide how often you will choose a new book
  • Most importantly, have fun with your BFF’s!

As we go along, I will post updates about how well (or not) it’s going! We have chosen The Handmaid’s Tale as our first book. Have you read it? If so, what did you think? If not, would you?

Hit up the comments and let me know about your book club experiences and/or what you think about this idea. I would love to hear from you!