Title: Eternally London
Series: The Flawed Heart Series #4
Author: Ellie Wade
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: July 29, 2017


I’ve found mine.

With Loïc.

Our life together is perfect.

Until it’s not.

Darkness invades, and my heart shatters.

It’s not supposed to be like this.

I can’t find such happiness just to lose it.

I want it back.

I just don’t know how.


I’ve found mine.

With London.

Our days are full of love and meaning.

I’ve found what I was waiting for my whole life.

And then the light is gone.

Her eyes are vacant, and her soul is weary.

My chest aches because I can’t fix it.

She’s my happily ever after, and I’ll fight every day to show her what that means.

***This is book 4 of 4 in the Flawed Heart Series. Books 1-3 should be read prior.

***This book is intended for readers 18+ due to mature content.

“Eternally London was an unexpected addition to the Flawed Hearts series and it was every bit as memorable as the first three books.” ~Adventures of a Bookworm

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