A Brand New Release from NY Times, USA Today AND Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author J.S. Scott
A Wall Street Journal bestselling series.


rock star Xander Sinclair may be out of rehab, but he’s not out of the

woods. Still haunted by his parents’ murders, he has secluded himself in

his Amesport mansion and dodges any attempted contact from his two

brothers. Struggling not to fall into relapse, he believes he’s battling

his demons alone.

That is, until Samantha arrives to work as his

live-in housekeeper. Effortlessly charming and cheerful and wickedly

sexy, she challenges Xander to abandon his isolation. The two embark on a

fiery relationship—one that could change them both forever.


when Xander is on the verge of reclaiming his life, he discovers that

Samantha has been hiding things from him…things that could shatter the

fragile future they’ve begun to build together. For Xander, escaping the

past is no longer an option. It’s time to face it—even when some

secrets seem too heavy for the heart to bear.