Title: KAT: The Women Of…
Series: Southside Skulls Motorcycle Club
Author: Jessie Cooke
Genre: MC Romance
Published: November 3, 2017

“Hurricane” Katrina Brown left the Southside for a new life in California when her boyfriend thought she’d killed someone.

Now she’s returning after someone died in California and someone else is dying back home.

Faced with the demons of the past, her desires for Dax, and her anger towards Dax’s wife Angel, Kat is a wild one with a world of trouble just waiting to unravel again.

That trouble is only set to get worse when Dax makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

This is the 6th book in the Southside Skulls MC Series. It is a Standalone Romance Novel but characters from the previous novels, DAX, CODY, GUNNER, ZACK & LEVI are included in this story too.

HEA and No cliffhanger.

Intended for Mature Readers

Chapter 1…

Kat sat in the office while Dax looked over the estimate that she had brought him. She was spoiling for the fight she expected to come, so when he chuckled, she straightened her spine and said:

“I’m sorry, what’s so funny?”

He looked up at her with those gorgeous blue eyes. Damn, every time she saw him lately she needed a fresh pair of panties. When they were younger all Kat could think about was getting the hell out of the Southside and making a real life for herself that had nothing to do with crappy bars or motorcycle clubs. There was a brief, fleeting moment when she might have had a chance with Dax. Hindsight made her wish she had taken it. Who would have thought he’d end up with Angel Brady? She almost rolled her eyes at the thought. He interrupted it by saying, “A new, industrial-sized convection oven? We shot your oven?”

She narrowed her big almond-shaped eyes. Dax’s men had been involved in a shoot-out with a local street gang in the bar her father owned. Dax promised her that he’d not only pay for damages, but renovations as well. Now, it sounded like he was trying to renege. “No,” she said in a sarcastic tone of voice. “My oven was not shot. But if I heard you right, when you came by the other day to beg my forgiveness, you said you would not only replace what was damaged, but also pay for the renovations.”